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Fairy Blessing Bottles (June through August)

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Fairy Blessing Bottles (June through August)

Fairy Bottles are made by Raven's daughter.  Brenna believes very strongly in fairies and puts all her strength into these bottles so your little ones can dream of flying with the fairies at night in their sleep just as she did. Brenna couldn't sleep at night at the age of two. I made her these bottles and taught of the fairy realm. I told her to dream of flying with them at night. Within days her nightmares were gone and she was telling me all about her amazing adventures over breakfast each morning.  She is now 10 and still keeps a fresh bottle in her room.  They last before discoloring a average of 3 months.

These are a seasonal item.. Shipped between June and September. To avoid freezing and breakage in Minnesota's cold winters.

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